Private Contest

How can a player earn through private contests?

  • Users can create the private contest by clicking on the "Create contest" link on top of the contest page for any match.
  • At the time of launch, we will be carrying out some testing and this feature will be rolled out to certain player groups only.
  • Once the testing phase is over, it may be rolled out for all the players.
  • Any user who has this version with revenue share enabled private contest will receive in-app communication about it.
  • When they open the private contest page for the first time, they will be shown a banner with communication about the revenue share.
  • It will state the percentage (for example, 10%) they can earn by hosting a private contest.
  • It will also have the steps to do it, that is, create contests, share with friends and earn.
  • Once the details for the private contest is provided (by default it will already be present), the
  • CTA for creating the private contest will show the amount that they can earn based on the settings (maximum no. of teams and entry fee) of the private contest.
  • For example, if the no. of team is 10 and the entry fee is Rs. 20, then the user may be able to earn Rs. 20; the CTA will read “Create and Earn Rs. 20*”.
  • The first time a player clicks on the CTA for hosting a cash private contest, they will need to accept the T&C for hosting the private contest.
  • This T&C will cover the agreements needed for being a reseller for MEC.
  • In case the user declines it, they will not be allowed to host the cash private contest.
  • They may continue to host private contests with 0 entry fee and not earn any money through hosting the private contest.