Private Contest

How can other players join a private contest?

  • Players can join a private contest only through the unique link or unique code that is created for every private contest.
  • It is the host’s responsibility/prerogative to share the link or invite code of the private contest.
  • Once a player gets the link or unique code (through any medium) they can click on the link
    • This will redirect them to the app showing the details of the match and the Private contest
    • Alternatively, they can copy the invite code and search with this code on the “Join Private Contest” page which can be accessed through the “More” section of the app.
  • They can join the private contest any time before the start of the match by paying the entry fee mentioned at the time of hosting the private contest.
    • This money will be deducted from their regular wallet (all checks and steps same as that for the regular contest)
  • There is no checks on who can or cannot join the private contest other than the checks applied on the joining of regular contest (state check, registered user, address details provided, cash added, etc.)
  • Once any player gets the link for the private contest, they can forward it to any of their contacts as well
    • On joining the private contest, they can also invite their contacts through in-app pages (as mentioned above for the host).