How is the winner decided?

Winning positions are decided on the basis of ranks achieved by various teams. The ranks are finalised on the basis of points accumulated by teams.

For example, consider the following contest details:

Total winnings - ₹3,00,000
Contest Size - ₹200
Winners - ₹100
Entry Fee - ₹2000

Prize breakup:

Rank 1: ₹1,00,000
Rank 2: ₹60,000
Rank 3: ₹20,000
Rank 4-10: ₹5,000
Rank 11-100: ₹1,000

Once a contest is closed, the prize breakup is recalculated on the basis of the number of teams that have joined the contest. For this example, let’s consider the maximum teams allowed to join the contest.

Once the match finishes, all the teams that had joined will have a fixed rank on the basis of the points they have accumulated.

So, if you had joined this contest and your team achieved a rank between 1 and 100, you are a winner and the amount committed in the prize breakup corresponding to your rank is your winning amount.

Please note that cash prize and rankings are different for different contests.