Key points to remember

Raid touch points

The points are to the raider for every opponent he gets out or puts out.

All out points

Only the starting seven players get the points for getting the opposition team all out. Similarly, the negative points for getting all out are given only to players who feature in the starting seven.

Card penalties & points

If players receive any card, they will continue to get negative (for Getting All Out) and positive (for Getting Opposition All out) points.

Points deducted for the red card include a deduction for the yellow card and green card.

Points deducted for the yellow card include deductions for the green card.

Player transfer from one team to other

If a player has been transferred from one team to the other, he might still be available for selection for his current team until the next scheduled team update on My11Circle. However, no points are awarded to the player in such a situation.

Points settlement & winner declarations

The points keep getting updated until the match is in the ‘under review’ state. Once a match is moved to a completed state, the winners will be declared and no further adjustments or amendments will be made.

Note: Data is provided by reliable sources and once the points have been marked completed.